A sprinkle here…

A dab there…

These quantities are too small!

I need a gallon

I need a ton

A lot more conversation


Words piped here and there

This cake is looking awful bare

How can my heart and soul

run on such deficient fuel?



Sum of Parts


shards splayed across the universe

puzzle pieces

in a bread crumb trail

I’m too tired to follow


None of them fit together

and their sharp edges grate against  me

my hands a bloody mess cradling them

I lay them down

and small parts of myself gaze up at me


past mistakes

future success

one day all these pieces will come together

a looking glass of my life

For now, bread will have to suffice




Let’s get this bread!!! 😀


(not) Nothing


an empty chair at a desk

but I sit on the floor

closer to my roots

nearer the dirt

most brush off their shoes


Curled as small as I can be

but not small enough

it seems

I still exist

I’m still here to recount this



Dipping in and out of consciousness,

swimming through thick waters.

Is this real or imaginary?


I resurface and find your face

amongst the crowd on shore.

Soon, I’ll be able to swim back.


The words aren’t caught in my throat

not like a butterfly in a net,

more like


A firefly in a jar:

in the dark

their meaning burns bright,

but for now

it is light

so even I don’t know what they mean.


Am I holding on?

Or letting go?

Are you gone?

Is it so?


Will you leave me

out here in the cold?

Or was I the one

who walked away long ago?


The days are short,

the darkness long,

it creeps in and distorts

what we were all along.


I’m holding on

to our pieces.

But you’re gone.

You had to leave us.