hold me like this forever

and I’ll stay



It’s so easy to stay in a rut,

to watch as the walls become higher and higher.

These days I’ve been looking towards the sun.

I want to know what’s outside these walls.

So I climb.


I lose my footing.

I’m exhausted.

But the only way out

is up.


This place is like an old dress:

my favorite

my go-to.

I can walk around in it blindfolded.

But looking in the mirror now,

it’s tacky

and I’m suffocating in something

two sizes too small.




Who knew that the

jagged teeth and

sharp claws

of the monsters

of our childhood

could never compare to the

horrors staring back at us

in the mirror


the city may be dark;

curtains drawn

on the rising moon,

but here we stand together

building a goodbye

that we hope will one day

be big enough

to never reach us.